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I have so many fans of you that complain because you don’t tweet enough. (x)

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[top 5 female characters: katherine beckett]
I know what it feels like to be in those crosshairs. To feel the bullet burn through my chest. I know what it feels like to have my life leave my body. - There’s always another way.

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Cops on crime drama: We caught the killer!
Me: Not with 35 minutes left you haven't.
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People think it’s killing that I like, but murder’s just an act. It’s all about the anticipation, the planning. Watching you and your daughter taking a walk… You and Beckett making love…”

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I heard Joss say one time that for Firefly to come back, people had to stop watching Castle. (x)

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favorite character meme → five traits: funny [1/5]

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